Come as you are, take a deep breath, and settle into your mat. Take a deep breath and settle into your mat. Trust that our teachers will guide you into breath, sensation, and freedom. Enjoy the journey.

Everyone starts somewhere.
All classes are open to everyone, which means there will be a range of students in every class. This creates a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and grow together. Come as you are.

Your practice is your own.
Any time spent on your mat is time to heal, love, and grow. Students don’t come to their mat to judge or critique others, they come to find themselves. So if an hour of rest is right for you, or an hour of inversions works, follow your breath. Let your practice feel good.

Let your breath guide you.
Despite popular belief, yoga is not about physical flexibility. At Great Lakes Yoga, we encourage you to focus on the quality of your breath and allow the posture to follow. With stronger mental flexibility, students find freedom beyond the ‘perfect’ posture.

Practice and all is coming.
Yoga grows with time. Keep practicing and see what comes up. Enjoy the light and love that comes your way.


Add balance to your yoga practice with Yin. Primarily seated postures, each held for 3-8 minutes, allow your body to soften and release deep connective tissue. This practices allows you to tap into the subtle and quiet moments of life.
Beginner friendly


Gentle classes are kind to your body and energizing to your soul. Whether it is a Vinyasa or Ashtanga, you will leave feeling grounded, yet free. Postures and sequences will be verbally guided to encourage deeper connections with your own breath and movement.
Beginner friendly


The Ashtanga practice synchronizes your breath with a progressive series of postures that will build strength, increase flexibility, and create a foundation. Since the practice is the same each time you take a class, you will slowly grasp the sequence and moving meditation


Fly with GLY as you move your body with the support of a fabric sling suspended from the ceiling. Your strength, flexibility, and mindset will be challenged as we combine yoga, inversion therapy, suspension training, and flying into one incredible experience.


Ground yourself in this slow, sensual practice that promotes a strong core and inward focus. You will flow freely with simplified sequences and build resilience in longer held postures. Let go of everything you thought yoga was and embrace the inner freedom that Slowburn offers.


Experience your breath and body in dynamic practice that will challenge your mind and body. Hot Vinyasa will begin with breath and free flowing movement and take you to the extreme edges of your whole being. Bring a towel and soak up this physically intense and emotionally liberating practice.

New Yogi Specials

$27 for 2 weeks of unlimited mat classes + OM Demand
$110 Buy One Get One month of unlimited mat classes + OM Demand


Join us for a variety of events that are held all year long: special classes, celebrations, challenges, and opportunities to give back to our community.

Kids Yoga

Yoga should be accessible for students of all ages. GLY holds space for young yogis so they have freedom to move, breathe, and embrace the joy of yoga.


There is always more to learn. Whether you’ve recently led your first class or you’re closing in on your 500 E-RYT, have fun while continuing your education.