New Yogis

Come as you Are

Come to a space that welcomes you as you are. Find the power to free yourself amongst a community of students devoted to support and growth. Discover confidence and strength as you feel your way through heat and breath.

Take a deep breath and settle into your mat. Trust that our teachers will guide you into breath, sensation, and freedom. Enjoy the journey.

Yogi Etiquette

  • Not sure where to begin? Start with Gentle and Yin. These classes offer more guidance and move at a moderate pace.

  • Pre-register for classes. Arrive 10 minutes early to check in and settle into your mat.

  • Avoid practicing on a full stomach. Try two hours free of food prior to class.

  • Bring your mat, water, and optional towel. Don’t have a mat or towel? We rent them in studio for $2/class. This is also a great way to try mats before you invest in one.

  • Wear clothing that’s comfortable to you. Yoga apparel is great, but wear what works for your body and practice.

  • Leave your shoes and personal items in the lobby. Phones should be left at home or on silent in the lobby. 

  • Keep clean and free from scents. Perfume, smoke, and food smells are amplified in a heated yoga studio.

  • Honor the space. Use care when choosing to converse, rolling out your mat, or bringing water into the studio.

  • Listen to your breath and body. Take rest at any time during a class.

  • Stay on your mat. There will be times where you may want to exit the room. Unless it’s an emergency, give yourself permission to stay on your mat and breath through the moment. Abrupt exits can be jarring to your body and fellow students’ practice.

  • Avoid limits and expectations. It’s easy to fall into habits and safe spaces. Try new classes, ask a fellow yogi questions, and take your practice off your mat.

  • Breathe.

OM Studio

$8 for an online yoga class.

  • GLY GURU- Unlimited

  • $75/mo
    • 10% off services
    • 10% off most merch
    • 6 month minimum commitment
    • Auto bill


  • $60/mo
    • 8 classes per month
    • 10% off services
    • 3 month minimum commitment
    • Auto bill


  • $35/mo
    • 4 classes per month
    • 10% off services
    • 3 month minimum commitment
    • Auto bill


  • $9030 days
    • 30 days of unlimited classes
    • No minimum monthly commitment
    • No services discount
    • No merch discount