New Yogis


$27 for 2 weeks of unlimited mat classes + OM Demand
$110 Buy One Get One month of unlimited mat classes + OM Demand


Community is essential to our growth as yoga students. Whether this is your first class or your 100th class, know that you are surrounded by individuals supporting your journey. If you happen to be new, our GLY team will ensure that you make fast friends with those you are practicing with. Our friendly and welcoming community is one of the main reasons students love Great Lakes Yoga. Thank you for being a part of it!

Great Lakes Yoga memberships are simplified and tailored for success. New clients are set up with New Yogi Specials, while our regular yogis are rewarded when they commit to autopay. And if you can’t keep your practice rooted to your mat, your Aerial Membership comes with a special offer too.

Studio Classes

Not sure where to begin? We welcome all levels of students to come and try any class. Every class will have at least one element of challenge and you are encouraged to do what is available to you in the moment. Our teachers will support you by offering modifications and adjustments as needed. Still unsure? Check out the class descriptions for a general concept of what you are jumping into. We often encourage new students to try a Gentle or Yin class, but know that there are no rules. If you have an open mind, join us and make the practice your own.

Pre-registration through the app or through Mindbody is required. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in and settle into your mat. It may help to avoid practicing on a full stomach. Try two hours free of food prior to class. Bring your mat, water, and optional towel. We sell Manduka mats and towels if you’re looking for an upgrade. Wear clothing that’s comfortable to you. Yoga apparel is great, but wear what works for your body and practice. Leave your shoes and personal items in the lobby. Perfume, smoke, food, and other scents are not compatible with yoga. Our studio is heated and scents will be amplified.

Aerial Classes

Aerial Yoga is a method of moving your body with the support of a fabric sling. Your strength, flexibility, and mindset will be challenged by suspending some or all of your body in the air. Props have been aiding yoga students for decades, so it’s no surprise that adventure seekers discovered a way to combine yoga, inversion therapy, suspension training, and flying into one incredible experience.

Each class will include a combination of strength, flexibility and balance work. These elements are tested both on the ground and in the air. It is completely normal for students new to aerial yoga to experience excitement, nervousness, lightheadedness, and a long lasting craving for more yoga. To minimize unpleasant feelings, skip meals (especially caffeine) 2-3 hours before class.

Since this is new for nearly everyone at GLY, you are expected to check with a trusted medical professional before starting any new exercise routine. If you have an existing medical condition or injury, make sure your doctor approves of aerial yoga as a rehabilitation protocol. Your health is your responsibility, please use caution. We don’t typically have too many limits on your practice at GLY, but these are a few of the reasons you may want to hold off on aerial yoga and keep your practice grounded: pregnancy, glaucoma, uncontrolled blood pressure or heart disease, motion sickness, vertigo.

OM Demand

The ultimate free flow is at your fingertips anytime you need to practice. With an ever growing library of on demand classes and content, you will always have an opportunity to practice no matter your schedule. This convenient feature is included in all unlimited memberships (new yogi specials, virtual monthly, unlimited monthly, and annual memberships!

While pre-registration for OM Demand is not required, we do have a few tips that will help improve your practice at home: virtual yogis recommend an external speaker for better sounds; a private space for a deeper practice; a heater for a true ‘studio’ vibe; and invite a yoga friend to maximize the fun. Even props are optional for our classes. Oftentimes, all you need is a pile of towels or blankets and they will transform into the right prop at the right moment.

When you’re ready, join us OM Demand