September 2021
Earlier this month, our studio was the landing pad of an unfortunate plumbing waterfall. Since then we have been constantly working to clean, repair, and protect our studio space. Unfortunately, we lost many of our props, some electronics, and a portion of our flooring. This unexpected loss was truly heartbreaking as we were entering a busy fall season.As with every unpleasant experience, there is always an edge to soften into. So many yogis, community members, fellow business owners, and even complete strangers that reached out to offer us kind words of support and temporary housing for our practice. In less than 1 week, we started our practice again at Center Courts (located at 3320 N Center, Saginaw). We leaned into the discomfort, embraced a new (temporary) home, and unrolled our mats for practice 7 days a week.
Repairs and replacements are underway and we are hoping to be back home by mid November. Until then, please continue to practice with us – by registering for a studio class at Center Courts or practicing at home OM Demand.