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Welcome to Great Lakes Yoga! This list should help you on your journey as a newbie at our studio. When you come to class, don't forget to bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water, and a towel. We rent towels and mats and sell water, if you ever need them. Also, during some classes we lock the outside doors once class begins. Don't get locked out! Show up early to get a spot and decompress.

1. Keep Coming!
Yoga practice is just that - a practice. Don't expect perfection, but welcome a challenge. It can take many classes or weeks for yoga to click, but once it does you will want to come back again and again. Try out different classes, instructors and times of day that you practice. You will be surprised at how each experience will be different.

2. Drink More Water!
Hydration is key. Since the room temperatures are usually above 80 degrees you will want to drink plenty of water before and after class. Water will naturally help to flush out toxins and keep your body cool. Try to drink at least 16 oz of water an hour before and after class.

3. Stay in the room during class.
We turn up the heat so our muscles can properly loosen up. If you feel dizzy, come into child's pose and practice your breathing. Of course, if you have to use the restroom, please feel free to do so.

4. Learn to love your sweat.
During some classes you may find that sweat just pours out of you. Don't fight it - that's what we want to happen. It's healthy and cleansing. To avoid slippage on your mat you might want to bring a Yogitoes or a full-length towel.

5. Breathe.
No matter which type of class you attend remember to breathe. After all, yoga is all about union. In this case, linking breath with movements. Yogic breathing is always done in and out through your nose. So when you find yourself in an uncomfortable posture, shaking and sweating, just breathe. Over time you will learn to work through the discomfort and experience something extraordinary! This is what we yogis call "the edge."

6. Come to class with an empty stomach.
2 hours is the general rule for all forms of physical activity, but please come nourished. If you need to eat within that window try something light and easily digestible such as fruit.

7. Every class brings a new experience.
Our bodies are moody, just like our minds. So don't be surprised if one day you are rocking a handstand and the next you can barely balance on one foot. Certain postures also can bring out a wide range of emotions as well as physical feelings. This is a good thing. You are allowing your body to discard stress and tension and this release can be emotional and sometimes nauseating. Its all part of the yoga experience.

8. Shower, please.

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